Jane Dahmen

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Birches and Evergreens
"Birches and Evergreens"
work is on 2 panels
Breezy Shores
"Breezy Shores"
Clear View
"Clear View"
on 2 panels
Five Birches
"Five Birches"
Friendship Birches II
"Friendship Birches II"
From the Islands
"From the Islands"
Queen Anne's Lace
"Queen Anne's Lace"
Sunny Day
"Sunny Day"
on 3 panels
Two Pines and a Birch
"Two Pines and a Birch"

Jane Dahmen, a long time resident of Concord, Massachusetts, now lives in Maine where she continues to paint every day in Acrylic on birch panels, canvas and paper.

Her paintings reflect her love of home in interior scenes, and the outside landscape along the Damariscotta River. Her works often depict the clear, bright light of the Maine environment combined with an interest in a flattened perspective.

Some of Dahmen’s newest landscapes are large enough to create an “environment” into which the viewer can enter.

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