Jennifer Gardner, PSA

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Blue and Green Series 7
"Blue and Green Series 7"
Blue Horizon
"Blue Horizon"
Chrysler 9
"Chrysler 9"
City Parks 2
"City Parks 2"
From Brooklyn Bridge IV
"From Brooklyn Bridge IV"
From the Charles
"From the Charles"
Ocean 3
"Ocean 3"
Orange Glow XIII
"Orange Glow XIII"
Patchwork Fields XVI
"Patchwork Fields XVI"
Penninsular III
"Penninsular III"
Poppies and Rolling Hills, England IV
"Poppies and Rolling Hills, England IV"
Poppy Path VI
"Poppy Path VI"
Purple and Blue Series 4
"Purple and Blue Series 4"
Red and Bronze Series 1
"Red and Bronze Series 1"
The Island 8
"The Island 8"
Towards Central Park
"Towards Central Park"
Towards the Common
"Towards the Common"
Ultramarine 3
"Ultramarine 3"
Yellow Series 1
"Yellow Series 1"
Yellow Series 10
"Yellow Series 10"

Jennifer is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America. Her work has been published numerous times in The Pastel Journal, American Artist Magazine, The Artist’s Magazine and also published online at Born in London, England and raised in Windsor, Jennifer developed an interest in art in her early childhood. Previously a lawyer by profession, she emigrated to the United States in 1999 giving up her legal career to pursue her love of painting full-time. Jennifer's chosen medium, pastel, lends itself particularly well to her rendering of light and color in her landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes. Her love of the natural beauty of the countryside, the vibrancy of the city and the tranquility of the sea is clearly reflected in her works. Much of her inspiration is drawn from her extensive travels across Europe, the United States, the Caribbean and the Far East.

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