Jeffrey Hayes

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Blueberries, Waterglass, Orange, and Sky
"Blueberries, Waterglass, Orange, and Sky"
Coastline Nocturne
"Coastline Nocturne"
Guardian I
"Guardian I"
Handmade Bowl, Grapes, Tibetan Rug I
"Handmade Bowl, Grapes, Tibetan Rug I"
Head and Shoulders
"Head and Shoulders"
Into the Light I
"Into the Light I"
Lux Aeterna No. 1, (Eternal Light)
"Lux Aeterna No. 1, (Eternal Light)"
Metamorphosis I
"Metamorphosis I"
Red and Violet and Gold
"Red and Violet and Gold"
Salt, Cherries, and Sky
"Salt, Cherries, and Sky"
Shell and Silver
"Shell and Silver"
Shells and Silver
"Shells and Silver"
Shell Study No.1
"Shell Study No.1"
Shell study No. 2
"Shell study No. 2"
Sultry Evening
"Sultry Evening"
Teacup IX with Oriental Rug
"Teacup IX with Oriental Rug"
$185 (sold)
Warming Up
"Warming Up"
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