Celia Judge

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Afternoon Stillness
"Afternoon Stillness"
A Warm Afternoon
"A Warm Afternoon"
Beacon Hill #10
"Beacon Hill #10"
Concord's Colonial Inn
"Concord's Colonial Inn"
Concord Center II
"Concord Center II"
Ducks at Charles Street
"Ducks at Charles Street"
Evening Stroll
"Evening Stroll"
Falmouth Bay
"Falmouth Bay"
Fountain at Copley
"Fountain at Copley"
North Bridge, Concord
"North Bridge, Concord"
North River Marsh
"North River Marsh"
Snow Flurries
"Snow Flurries"
South Marsh I
"South Marsh I"
Summer Marsh II
"Summer Marsh II"
The Field
"The Field"
Window Box
"Window Box"
Winter in Boston
"Winter in Boston"

Celia Judge is accomplished in both oil painting and pastels. Known for her beach and dune scapes, as well as city scenes, her work resides in many private and corporate collections throughout New England and beyond.

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