Pam Lawson

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Blackbirds on Bowers Brook I
"Blackbirds on Bowers Brook I"
Blackbirds on Bowers Brook III
"Blackbirds on Bowers Brook III"
Blue Jay and Sumac I
"Blue Jay and Sumac I"
Blue Jay Flight I
"Blue Jay Flight I"
Early Summer I
"Early Summer I"
Fly By I
"Fly By I"
Flyby II
"Flyby II"
Fly By III
"Fly By III"
Fly By IV
"Fly By IV"
Flying I
"Flying I"
Flying VI
"Flying VI"
Goldfish and Lily
"Goldfish and Lily"
In Flight II
"In Flight II"
Lilies and Fish IV
"Lilies and Fish IV"
Listening III
"Listening III"
Listening IV
"Listening IV"
Murmuration Over Bowers Brook II
"Murmuration Over Bowers Brook II"
Murmuration Over Bowers Brook III
"Murmuration Over Bowers Brook III"
Murmuration Over Bowers Brook IV
"Murmuration Over Bowers Brook IV"
Northern Night Travels II
"Northern Night Travels II"
Northern Night Travels IV
"Northern Night Travels IV"
Northern Night Travels VI
"Northern Night Travels VI"
On the Road VIII
"On the Road VIII"
Pam at work in her studio
"Pam at work in her studio"
(not for sale)
Pollen Gathering II
"Pollen Gathering II"
monotype on panel
Spring Call I
"Spring Call I"
Spring Forage I
"Spring Forage I"
Spring Forage III
"Spring Forage III"
Spring Noise II
"Spring Noise II"
$2,600 (sold)
Swimming, Deep Water
"Swimming, Deep Water"
Territories I, 2017
"Territories I, 2017"
The River I
"The River I"
Up North II
"Up North II"

Pam Lawson is a New England artist who works in the monotype technique. A monotype is a one of a kind, original print. The image is painted onto a plexiglass plate that is run through a hand press producing one print. Pam Lawson's monotypes are inspired by farmscape, including cows, old trucks, orchards, and even fish swimming through a pond.

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