Jean Lightman

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Arrangement in the Window
"Arrangement in the Window"
Blush of Pink
"Blush of Pink"
Celebration I
"Celebration I"
Italian Vase
"Italian Vase"
Lavender and Cream
"Lavender and Cream"
Peonies and Hellebores
"Peonies and Hellebores"
Peonies and Purple Iris
"Peonies and Purple Iris"
Peony Pair
"Peony Pair"
Peony with Lily Bud
"Peony with Lily Bud"
Simpatico 1
"Simpatico 1"
Simpatico 2
"Simpatico 2"
Still Life with Chinese Lion
"Still Life with Chinese Lion"
Summer's Glow
"Summer's Glow"

Jean Lightman considers herself an American Impressionist. Her works emphasis light and shadow, vibrant colors, and accurate drawing. She is a Distinguished Artist Member of the Concord Art Association and a member of the Copley Society, with Copley Artist standing.

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