Teri Malo

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A Favorite Corner of the Park
"A Favorite Corner of the Park"
A Quiet Snowfall
"A Quiet Snowfall"
Corot's Morning
"Corot's Morning"
Drifting 1
"Drifting 1"
First Big Snowfall
"First Big Snowfall"
Looking Up
"Looking Up"
May Morning I
"May Morning I"
On Vacation
"On Vacation"
Quiet Day at the Pond
"Quiet Day at the Pond"
September's Ode
"September's Ode"
The Hours Pass
"The Hours Pass"
The Restless Sea
"The Restless Sea"
These Dappled Afternoons
"These Dappled Afternoons"
Transparent Blue
"Transparent Blue"
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