Teri Malo

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A Favorite Corner of the Park
"A Favorite Corner of the Park"
After the Storms
"After the Storms"
A Quiet Place 2
"A Quiet Place 2"
A Sense of Space
"A Sense of Space"
A Small Piece of May
"A Small Piece of May"
A Time to Remember
"A Time to Remember"
Beginning to Rain
"Beginning to Rain"
Drizzly Day
"Drizzly Day"
Early Autumn at the Old Quarry
"Early Autumn at the Old Quarry"
Getting to the Point
"Getting to the Point"
Inside November
"Inside November"
June Morning
"June Morning"
Later that Year
"Later that Year"
Looking Up
"Looking Up"
Ode to Summer
"Ode to Summer"
On Vacation
"On Vacation"
Poem for a Playful Wave
"Poem for a Playful Wave"
Pond Poem
"Pond Poem"
Quiet Day at the Pond
"Quiet Day at the Pond"
September's Ode
"September's Ode"
Silver Afternoons
"Silver Afternoons"
The Hours Pass
"The Hours Pass"
The Old Quarry
"The Old Quarry"
The Restless Sea
"The Restless Sea"
Transparent Blue
"Transparent Blue"
Watching the Waves Roll In
"Watching the Waves Roll In"
When Autumn Weaves Its Own Brocade
"When Autumn Weaves Its Own Brocade"
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