Jan McElhinny

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Awaiting Spring
"Awaiting Spring"
Bathed in Light
"Bathed in Light"
Cherry Blossom
"Cherry Blossom"
Diebenkorn's Book
"Diebenkorn's Book"
Dreaming of Venice
"Dreaming of Venice"
Falling Light
"Falling Light"
First Cup
"First Cup"
Hyacinth in the Clay Pot
"Hyacinth in the Clay Pot"
Iris and Plums
"Iris and Plums"
Kumquats and the Sugar Bowl
"Kumquats and the Sugar Bowl"
Les Saintes
"Les Saintes"
Lilies in Silver
"Lilies in Silver"
Porcelain Blue II
"Porcelain Blue II"
Sweet Light
"Sweet Light"
The Distance Between Things
"The Distance Between Things"
Tulip Fever
"Tulip Fever"
Tulip Squared
"Tulip Squared"
What I See
"What I See"
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