Jan McElhinny

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Anticipation I
"Anticipation I"
Cherry Blossom
"Cherry Blossom"
Cyclamen in Glass
"Cyclamen in Glass"
Dance Of The Iris
"Dance Of The Iris"
Diebenkorn's Book
"Diebenkorn's Book"
For The Love Of Dragons
"For The Love Of Dragons"
Fox Island Thoroughfare
"Fox Island Thoroughfare"
Full Bloom
"Full Bloom"
Hyacinith with Red Bowl
"Hyacinith with Red Bowl"
Iris and Plums
"Iris and Plums"
January Light
"January Light"
Lemon in Reflection
"Lemon in Reflection"
Lilies in Silver
"Lilies in Silver"
Lone Lemon
"Lone Lemon"
Morning Light
"Morning Light"
Porcelain Blue II
"Porcelain Blue II"
Race Week
"Race Week"
Signs of Spring
"Signs of Spring"
Spray Of Iris
"Spray Of Iris"
Stripes and Silver
"Stripes and Silver"
Sweet Light
"Sweet Light"
The Distance Between Things
"The Distance Between Things"
The Nature of Air and Water
"The Nature of Air and Water"
Two Lemons
"Two Lemons"
Watching, Working
"Watching, Working"
Where Light Breaks Form
"Where Light Breaks Form"
While He Was in Tobago Cays
"While He Was in Tobago Cays"
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