Andy Newman

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Ascending Road with Wall
"Ascending Road with Wall"
Back Entrances, Cavillargues
"Back Entrances, Cavillargues"
$3,750 (sold)
Corner Houses, Pouzilhac
"Corner Houses, Pouzilhac"
$4,750 (sold)
Door and Three Windows (Lyon)
"Door and Three Windows (Lyon)"
House and Roads, St. Pons-la-Calm
"House and Roads, St. Pons-la-Calm"
$675 (sold)
Houses on a Corner, Tresques
"Houses on a Corner, Tresques"
House with Stairs, St. Pons
"House with Stairs, St. Pons"
Long House, Vallerargues
"Long House, Vallerargues"
Long Red Barn, Strafford
"Long Red Barn, Strafford"
Narrow Road, Charavel
"Narrow Road, Charavel"
Narrow Street with Two Arches (Cavillargues)
"Narrow Street with Two Arches (Cavillargues)"
Street with Arch, St. Laurent
"Street with Arch, St. Laurent"
$875 (sold)
Two Doors and a Window (Villefort)
"Two Doors and a Window (Villefort)"
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