Greg Spitzer

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Air Guitar
"Air Guitar"
Cat's Eye
"Cat's Eye"
$2,600 (sold)
Mistral Wind (side B)
"Mistral Wind (side B)"
Mistral Wind (side C)
"Mistral Wind (side C)"
Mistral Wind (view A)
"Mistral Wind (view A)"
$3,500 (sold)
Open Heart (view A)
"Open Heart (view A)"
limestone on granite base
$2,200 (sold)
Open Heart (view B)
"Open Heart (view B)"
limestone on granite base
$2,200 (sold)
Pirouette (view B)
"Pirouette (view B)"
Study in scale and Texture
"Study in scale and Texture"
Study in Scale and Texture (view B)
"Study in Scale and Texture (view B)"
Colorado yule marble
Study in Scale and Texture (view C)
"Study in Scale and Texture (view C)"
Colorado yule marble
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