About the artist

“I love the same things you do about New England. I just reflect on them in a different light.”

As a lifelong resident of New England I understand the visual and spiritual beauty of this place we call home. I feel connected to the varied landscapes from the ocean edge to inland forests and waterways. Our varied and beautiful environments are critical to protect and appreciate in order to provide the same experiences for our children and grandchildren. I’d love for them have the same sense of awe I have experienced while they feel and treasure the landscape in their own unique way.

My art-making process results in a semi abstract approach to developing a painting. I take notes by sketching both on-site and in my studio, taking photos, and by simply looking in order to collect images and feelings about particular places and relationships. I then develop these by working in sketchbooks to cull the most important aspects and recombine them into designs that speak to me and hopefully in the end to my followers and fans.

I intentionally work in a different/unexpected manner to develop a fresh way of presenting commonly seen views and situations–interpreting them through my personal filter of color, line, design,–to create something new that resonates with viewers. I hope to reflect a different idea of  beauty about the things I am inspired by.

I admire many historic and contemporary painters, craftsmen, and styles including Fairfield Porter, Andrew Wyeth, Pablo Picasso, Georgia O’Keeffe, Mary Cassatt, Henry Moore sculptures, Inuit sculptures, Aboriginal art,  Winslow Homer, and current artists Paul Resika, Eric Aho, Danny McCaw, Wolf Khan, Nicholas Wilton and many more. Each has influenced my work in a way that can be difficult to define but I constantly remember being intensely influenced by their work while trying to find my own voice.

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