About the artist

Oregon born and raised, Pierce came east to study literature at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. The proximity to New York City awakened him to the pulse and vibe of big city energy and its art scenes. “The power of nature combined with New York’s creative thrust propelled me to a life based on the practice of art,” said Pierce, a poet-turned visual artist. He holds fast to the practice of art as the fiery connecting rod leading to and from the source of life.Working from an early insight concerning the tension between the organic flowing forms expressive of growth, life, expansion, against the geometric, analytic forms of the mind, and the unity arising from their interplay. Hammering, carving, bending and shaping material to his will, “I am following a script that unfolds as I read it. The work itself is the script. As improvisational as a jazz riff.”

 Visible jazz is his self-coined term for his freerange work. Pierce settled in North Saco, Maine in 2014, called by the calm energy of a former working farm, where so much productive life has unfolded since 1834.

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