About the artist

My goal is to ignite human imagination and to stimulate thought and emotion by engaging my viewer in the landscape that I observe.

When I make a painting I am most interested in creating a design that will captivate the eye of the viewer and draw them into my world. Color, form and drawing are all important in conjuring my impression of reality but adding all this to a structure of design that is strong in balance and rhythm creates a unified expression of visual power.

I strive for accuracy and truth in my work but not the truth of capturing every detail like in a photograph. Instead, I am interpreting what I see and using the paint to imply detail. This is a more impressionistic approach and I believe that it is a way to engage the audience because the viewer is collaborating with the artist by filling in the details with their own mind.

The rhythms and subtleties that I observe in nature are the qualities that I want in my work . I think in terms of building a painting in layers of abstract shapes - patterns and rhythms that repeat in a variety of different but similar ways. In this way a painting can develop into something with depth and weight that has the essence of Nature in the paint.


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