About the artist


My work is an expressive interpretation of what I observe. I draw inspiration from nature, particularly landscapes in New England and beyond. A branch reaching out over a pond, water washing over rocks in a stream, a sprig of grass or a change in the weather may catch my attention. The convergence of color and mood in a particular environment help to shape my work.

Once I begin, I become absorbed in the process of painting. I lay down a stroke with a brush, palette knife or other painting tool, and let that stroke lead to the next. Sometimes I wipe off what I have done and make new marks. It is an exciting and intense process. Color and mark making are key factors in expressing my creativity. As the painting continues to emerge, I am engaged and continue to respond to it. It is an interactive process.

I continue to challenge myself by pushing further into abstraction. This unexpected and dynamic process is what keeps me fascinated and engaged.

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